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A journey that started with a belief to Bank Different

Ice Invest Trading is an Investment, Instrument Trading, Project Funding and Wealth Management Company, we specialize in short and long term investment, Financial Trading, Instrument Trading, Precious stones and Metal Trading, Real Estate Trading, Crude Oil Trading, Secure Storage Vault, Private Placement Program, Project Funding, Start-up Financing and a lot more.

Our target audience are Real Estate, Capital Firms and Financial Consultants who are looking for investment that guarantees Sustainable annual, weekly or monthly returns to manage their lifestyle, also for those who want to have a guaranteed investment for their child education, Retirement, Mortgage, Project Funding, Business Expansion and so much more.

Why Save money in the bank when you can use that money to make more money, why not invest it and get a better return. Banks uses your savings and deposit to fund businesses without you getting the benefit, they use this money on your behalf to fund businesses, but you get a fraction of the benefit while we share the benefit with you on a viable ratio because of running cost which involves, salary, tax and utility bills.

Ice Invest Trading™ (ICINT) is a corporate finance company that guides organizations through pivotal steps of their financial journey. Whether you’re a New Company searching for your first Partnership, or an Experience Investor seeking effective ways to safely grow your Returns, ICINT™ provides accurate rate information, intuitive calculators and curated Auditorial content to help you reach your goals.

A wellspring of trustworthy information, Ice Invest demystifies the financial decision-making process by making it easy to compare rates on Loans, Ground Funding, personal loans, savings accounts, Credit Cards and other financial products. We can pinpoint your best prequalified offers in seconds and provide next steps to help you capitalize on them — all while protecting your privacy, personal information and Credit score.

Your Banking & Financial Solutions In One Place

Born in 1990 as Ice Invest Oy, a Real Estate Company in Finland, our breadth of experience has fueled our reputation as a financial authority. Trusted and approachable, we make decisions based on fact and experience, not hype and hearsay. It’s why tens of millions of people and many of the world’s premier media outlets turn to Ice Invest for credible financial information every year.

No matter where you are or where you’re going, when your financial journey leads to a fork on the road, you can depend on ICINT to help you choose the right direction.

Our Vision

Ice Invest Capital Trading Vision

What good is an investment when there is no one to benefit, we believe that only the living enjoys the benefit of investment. A lot of people have passed living behind wealth for investment bankers to Enriched themselves, we understand the ideology of an everyday life “Tailoring investment to meet daily need

Our Mission

Ice Invest Capital Trading Mission

Our mission is giving investment opportunity to everyone irrespective of their class. It is a known fact that wealth is in the Pockets of the people, a bank on its own doesn’t own a cent except for the capitalization insurance fund kept in the central Bank, but they use your Money to make their money. So, we are giving the profit back to the individual by investing it into SME’s, PPP and companies seeking expansion as well as technology company who later gained IPO and sell shares for a higher rate.

Our Features

Here Is why We Are Better

Diverse Approach

What makes us who and what we are is in our diversity in solving various financial problems, we want Ice Trading to be a one stop solution for all financial difficulties, this is what drives us into propelling diversity in partnership and Relationship.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice.

There's always a solution to every problem, the challenge is finding and speaking with the right mind that houses the solution that you need, here in ICE Invest, We Specialize in "SOLVING" Difficult Financial Problems. Our In-House Consultants will give you the best solution and advice to surmount every challenges you're having.

Professional Team

Professional Team.

Our Team of Expert from diverse financial background are at your disposal, as bank Consultants, we work with the highest level of minds in the industry. Our Key word is "CONFIDENCE".

Result Based

Result Based.

We pride ourselves as a result oriented minds, this is why no matter the challenges, our goal is to SOLVE the Problem with CONFIDENCIAL RESULT. all our clients have the same testimony about us. "ASSURANCE".

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