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Our Consultants are highly Skilled with decades of experience in their field of discipline, they're Masters in the art of Financial Resolve, they all go through phases of rigorous tests and scrutiny, duly investigated for financial Misapropriation and audit readiness guidance. They're tested and trusted. ICE Invest Welcomes consultants from all spheres of discipline who'll like to join the team.

Because we're not in the industry for show, or practice a celebrity base system of trading, 99% of our clients get to their goal, to ensure we maintain this standard and record, we do not accept all client, only those who embrace versatility as a rule for succeeding that are considered a viable client. in order to succeed you have to consistently renew your mind.

Ice Capital has the lowest fees in the industry, the reason for this is because we're a "CONFIDENCE ASSURED" firm, what this does for our client is, they have the room to negotiate even the fixed rate. GROWTH is a necessity for us, when our client grow we also grow, so why not accept what it will take to get the job done and leave the rest after the job is done.

This is a sensitive question for a lot of client because of the activities that has been associated with the word "UPFRONT", but in every Business or transaction there is always an initial requirement, every job that needs to be done has a requirement to get it done, every service require an energy that has to be used, and a required fuel to get it done. Ice Invest Trading Practice an initial deposit to start the work. Every transaction requires a cash at hand to move it forward.

If we cannot solve it, we do not touch it. Every client's need and problem or challenges is well dissected in-house before they're accepted into our Port-folio. If we accept you as a client, we can solve your Problem.

We have flat Rate Registration fee of $10,000, however, our Membership fee is based on the value of the transaction.

Our timeline to close a transaction is between 10-14 working days, however some transactions process requires certain approval from the governing controlling body that may take up to 26 working days. all instrument transaction depends on client's bank.

it takes 7 business days to get a Loan approval when all required conditions are met

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