WARNING: The Unrated Bank
Guarantee Scam

There is a huge misconception in the market that all BGs (Bank Guarantees) are similar and have the same value, have the same LTV ratio when Monetized and have the same desirability. That reality is that is completely untrue!

Comparing a Rated Banks Bank Guarantee with an Unrated Banks Bank Guarantee is like comparing Chalk and Cheese, the Real with the Fake, a Ferrari with a Broken Down Camakuza or in the example below…. Gold with Total Rubbish!


Rated Bank BG

Heritage Funds Program (HFP)

Unrated Bank BG

The most foolish and most dangerous thing in the world is being conned into thinking an Unrated Bank Guarantee is the same as a Rated Bank Guarantee. The truth is they are completely different and not even in the same galaxy together!

The value of a Bank Guarantee is determined largely on the quality of the financial institution that is issuing it. This is because a….. “Bank Guarantee” is the Issuing Banks “guarantee” of payment and therefore the “guarantee” is only as good and only as strong and only as valuable as the Bank that is issuing it.

World Top 50 Banks offer the the best Bank Guarantees because they are large, stable financial institutions that do not default on their promises, and ultimately a Bank Guarantee is the Banks Promise to Pay!

The Unrated Bank Scam

There are a bunch of unrated bank scams operating which deliberately deceive customers into buying an Unrated Bank Guarantee from a fake or phony Bank Guarantee provider because its “cheap”. In life you always get what you pay for, if you buy rubbish, all you have is rubbish! You cant dress a pig up and make it a princess, its all ways going to be a pig!


Sadly many Unrated Bank Guarantees aren’t worth the paper they are written on!

Here are a selection of the known Unrated Bank Guarantee Scams that operate:

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 1: The Insolvent Bank – An Unrated Bank that has less than 10 Million Dollars in Capital but issues 100 Million Dollar Bank Guarantees multiple times a week for 52 weeks a year. Do the maths….. by the end of the year this quality financial institution (ha ha ha) has issued billions of dollars in bank guarantees when the Unrated Bank has less than 10 Million Dollars Capital to its name.

I know what your thinking…. How do they get away with that? The answer is simple, they issue Leased Bank Guarantees that cannot be cashed in when they expire so they have little or no financial risk or liability writing as many Bank Guarantees as they like all year long.


Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 2: The Claytons Pretend Bank – Most people see the word “bank” and they immediately think its safe and secure, the truth is that is not true! It is very easy to start a Bank, you can buy a Bank here, or you can buy a Banking License here. Or you can Setup your own Bank from $30,000 here! The funny thing is some banks have cost less to setup than they charge to issue you with one of their Bank Guarantees!


Many Unrated Banks prey on innocent clients by pretending to have credibility and integrity when they do not. They “play” on the security that the word “bank” gives them and they convey they are safe, secure and valuable when THEY ARE NOT! They are Clayton’s Banks, Pretend banks, they carry the bank name but are just a facade with nothing behind it. They are a shell company with a banking license, and that is why when they issue a bank guarantee… it has no value, because there bank has no value.


Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 3: Not a Bank – Their are plenty of companies who don’t want the hassle of registering as a bank so instead they just call themselves a “finance company” with a banking kind of a name. Then they register with swift.com to be accepted to send and receive bank SWIFT messages. This enables them to issue unrated Bank Guarantees on the Bank Swift Network when they are neither reputable, reliable or even a Unrated Bank. They use the fact they  have a SWIFT Code as a way of gaining credibility and conning people into thinking they are (cough cough) a quality bank guarantee provider.


Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 4: The Old Swift Machine in the Basement Trick – This is probably the nastiest of all unrated bank scams. These guys are criminals and their only desire is to take your money and run. Through one means or another (legally or illegally) they have obtained access to a swift terminal and they use that terminal to print off fake Bank Guarantee swifts which they send you by fax or email claiming these swifts were sent on the swift system to your bank coordinates and therefore they have delivered the service you requested and your money is all theirs to keep.

We have seen BOTH fake paper swifts and fake electronic swifts from a bunch of unrated providers.


Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 5: Swift.Net Only – This is a very sneaky scam where the Unrated Bank Guarantee Provider says they can ONLY deliver the bank guarantee on swift.net instead of swift.com. That statement alone is a huge red flag! ALL real banks and ALL real bank guarantees are normally transmitted and delivered on the swift.com bank to bank system that is used and recognized by all banks worldwide or DTC or Euroclear. Any unrated bank who says they cannot deliver on swift.com is saying i don’t have access to the “real” bank guarantee delivery system, I can only use swift.net which is a completely different system by a very similar name. Swift.net DOES NOT HAVE ANYWHERE NEAR the credibility, recognition, security or acceptance of swift.com.


And the biggest secondary issue with swift.net is that messages often do not arrive directly at the destination because they have to be “downloaded” to be read. If you don’t know a message is coming and you don’t download it then you never know about the message and therefore its impossible for you to reply!

Many Unrated Providers use swift.net to send a worthless Bank Guarantee to the client on the widely unrecognized  swift.net service, then when no one at the clients receiving location acknowledges the message because they didn’t know to download it, the bank guarantee provider claims they delivered the Bank Guarantee as per YOUR BG Issuing Contract and YOU breached YOUR contract by NOT replying to the swift.net message so they are keeping your deposit. Its just another sad old scam to take your money repackaged in a new way.


Final Word: Not all Unrated Banks are frauds or scammers their are some genuine Unrated Banks who are normally small operations that provide niche market or regional services. However, even if an Unrated Bank is authentic monetizers will be reluctant to take a Unrated Banks Bank Guarantee and IF they do accept the Unrated Bank Guarantee it will normally attract a MUCH LOWER LTV than a comparable Bank Guarantee from a Rated Bank.


RECOMMENDATION: We recommend clients only get Bank Guarantees issued form Rated Banks so you can enjoy Higher Monetization LTVs and lower risk transactions. We recommend clients AVOID these Banned Assets and Financial Instrument Providers, we will NOT Monetize assets from any of the banned providers!

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